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NYFW Guide Pt. 2: How-to Dress, Where to Eat, & More

September 26, 2016 4 Comments


How to #1: Get Around

So, you’re in the city during one of the busiest weeks of the year and you have places to be and people to see? One thing to always remember when attending shows is to leave AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to the show, this should be adjusted to your mode of transportation as well. Now the choice of transportation comes down to your circumstances- If the weather is nice and your destination is only a few blocks away, choose to walk. It’s free, you get to explore the city on foot and maybe get a few outfit shots on the way. If you’re on a time crunch(and it’s not rush hour), the best option is almost always Uber. It’s cheaper than taxis(except during Uber “surges”), and it’s guaranteed to pick you up and drop you off exactly where you choose. A close second to Uber is your regular yellow cab. They can be a pain to flag down in certain parts of town but occasionally you will get lucky to catch one right when you need it. The downside of Ubers and taxis are that they will eventually cost you a lot of $$ if that’s the only mode you choose to use. Now, if you can manage to plan your time right, the Subway is your best bet. It’s the cheapest and sometimes(during rush hour) quickest way to get around the city.






How to #2: What to Wear

Don’t know what to wear during NYFW? To be honest, wear whatever you want. Seriously, the only advice I can give here is to consider the weather, consider your feet(comfort is key), and get a little adventurous with your style. For real, it’s fashion week, have fun with it! A few spots I like to shop at for unique fashion week outfit pieces:


Fashion Bunker

Front Row Shop
















How to #3: Attend Shows

Probably the most important “how-to” of all. NYFW shows are invite only, but you can contact the PR for each show and request an invite. The trick is to express why you would like to cover the show and what benefits your coverage could bring to the designer or brand, all in a concise 1 paragraph email. Build a solid case around your influence, affiliation with any media outlets, your social media stats and any other relevant info about yourself. Don’t send request emails out any earlier than 2 weeks before the shows. A handy spot to find the PR contact info for each show is

















How-to #4: Eat Good

Hands down my favorite thing about The City is the food. Fashion week can get pretty hectic and cut into your foodie agenda, so it’s important to have a little list of spots you’d like to try in each neighborhood so whenever you’re hungry you can save time and just choose the closest one off of your list. A few spots I found to be delicious and perfect on a tight schedule are: Jack’s Wife Freda-perfect for brunch after an earlier show, Cafe Henrie– great for lunch or brunch, Mercer Kitchen– incredible lunch & dinner, By Chloe-I’m not even vegan and this place was one of my faves, Pokeworks-if you love sushi this is such a quick and delicious spot, Naya Express-yummy quick mediterranean fare, Momofuku Milk Bar-so obsessed with their cereal milk ice cream, and Cha Cha Matcha– All things matcha, perfect for a little dessert or refreshments. Another tip, follow a few NYC based food Instagram accounts to find new spots, my favorite is @NYCFoodInsta.




That’s it for my little NYFW guide, I hope you’ve found it helpful in some way. Check out Part 1 here!


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    October 5, 2016 at 6:40 am

    Just found out your channel! i’ve been an instagram fan of urs! Btw, I found a video today from popsugarfashion here: U look amazing!

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    October 9, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    Island there Any of these places that are halal or kosher (beside Jacks wife freda) ?