I am a multifaceted creative of Palestinian and Puerto Rican descent. I grew up in Alabama for most of my life but happily reside in Brooklyn, New York. I consider myself a “freelancer”—whatever that may mean. My social media presence was built upon my knack for mixing my rich culture and beliefs with my penchant for style and design. My diverse background and upbringing has influenced much of my work and pushes me to continue a dialogue of raw acceptance, inclusivity, kindness and how to be authentic to yourself in a highly saturated industry.

”Maria has a keen sense of style and the effortless ability to mix fashion and modesty. Her social media success lends itself to her business school background, her understanding of the social and digital space of fashion, and experience in curating fresh and inspiring content. “ -Muse NYC

I graduated with a Marketing Management BSBA Degree from the University of South Alabama and booked a one way ticket to NYC. I love to write—I used to blog throughout college. I also enjoy styling and anything that gets my mind working especially in a creative sense. Exploring the relationship between culture, religion and fashion is something I find myself dabbling in constantly. Anyways, that’s a bit about me.